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Cefalu, a mosaic of emotions.

Cefalu, splendid Norman town, was Frederick II's most beautiful town. You modern traveller, can still live this fascination. Film directors, writers and magicians have fallen in love with it in past times, but its extraordinary atmosphere has remained unchanged in this picturesque fishing town. The town is today enlisted among the most beautiful small towns in Italy.

The town derives its name from the promontory that dominates it: the Rocca. Climbing up to the fortified castle nestled on the summit, you can experience the unique natural energy of the place and find the most ancient cultural roots of Cefalu. Visiting the Temple of Diana � a megalithic building of the fourth century BC � discovering the Byzantine cisternes, exploring the natural caves, admiring the 300 species of plants that in the spring colour the 140 million-year old gray calcareous stone, you will experience emotions which will remain forever among the most exciting memories of your trip.

From the top of the mountain you can enjoy the most amazing view over the Tyrrhenian coastline, the medieval town centre, and Roger II's Cathedral. The fortress-like Cathedral is a perfect synthesis of Arabic, and Byzantine Art. It enchants from outside with the perfect proportions of the imposing architecture and ravishes inside at the view of the sublime figure, radiating humanity, of the Christ Pantocrator.

Christ Pantocrator of Cefalu icon of the Year of the Faith
The Christ Pantocrator of the Cathedral of Cefalu is one of the best-known and representative icons of the Catholic World. In 2013 it had a role even more representative, selected by Benedetto XVI as icon of theYear of the Faith 2013, an important year for the small norman town, that has become the destination of countless religious pilgrimages.

Sicily's grand tour starts here.

In front of the painting of the "Unknown Man" by Antonello da Messina you will experience the rare feeling of not observing, but being observed, as it is the portrait that with his mysterious eyes and his mocking smile stares at you.

A lumachella stone staircase leads to the medieval wash house. The cold waters of the Cefalino river reveal the link that unites Cefalu and the "Parco delle Madonie". These are today a protected nature reserve of forty thousand acres, displaying the greatest plant biodiversity in the Mediterranean. Discover this land of sea and mountains with its unique flavours and traditions, explore the less known but most fascinating region of Sicily.

From the scenic "Porta Pescara", one of the entrance gates to the town, you arrive at the old port which gives a unique glimpse of the houses built just above the sea, which inspired the film director Giuseppe Tornatore when filming his movie "Nuovo Cinema Paradiso".

At dawn the fishing boats leave the port, hoping to come back, after an abundant fishery, to their home town, the very same town where hospitality is historically sacred. Timeless Cefalu awaits you.

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